What Students Say About MESA

  • It's a chance to go to new places and explore new things. Through field trips we can meet people from other schools. Through these ways we can strengthen our social skills and our intellect." 7th grader at Merrill Middle School
  • When I heard about MESA and how it catered to both the science oriented and minority student, and that it was a good college prep course, I knew I would get something good out of it. Senior at Palmer High School
  • I joined MESA because MESA would allow me to continue to study math and science. I also knew that MESA would let me explore these fields in depth. 8th grader at North Valley Middle School
  • I joined MESA ... to learn about people and how we can all work together." Junior at Doherty High School
  • In MESA last year I helped build a first place winning solar boat. 8th grader at East Middle School
  • My sister was in MESA and I saw the different opportunities she was getting such as jobs. I knew MESA was right for me. Junior at George Washington High School
  • MESA gave me the opportunity to explore the engineering field as well as prepare me for the life that college would hand to me. Senior at Alameda High School