Unit 2: Magic of Electrons

  • What is Electricity?

Video: Electricity: "The Invisible River of Energy"

  Static Electricity
  Hand Generator
  • What is Electromotive Force?
  Compare and Contrast Generator and Motor
  DC Motor Construction
  Atomic Structure
  Conductors Lab
  Circuits Lab Simulation
  Resistor Lab
  Ohm's Law Lab

Transistor Internet Research


Schematic Symbols

  Transistor Circuit: Breadboard construction
  Transistor Circuit: PC Board construction
  • What do some Simple Integrated Circuits do?
  555 Timer
  741 Operational Amplifier
  • What is Digital Electronics?
  History and Background
  Binary Number Systems
  Boolean Logic
  Logic Gates
  • How are Digital Electronic Systems used for sensing and control?
  Digital Electronics Lab Problems
  • Putting it in Context
  Electronics Career Research