The Design Team

  Teamwork is an essential element in today's work environment. The team concept has been incorporated into Unit 1 in GTT as a "Design Team," to help students become effective team members by developing the necessary collaborative skills. The design team will provide students an opportunity to learn and practice the skills that they will use in the workplace.

A design team consists of a small group of students who work together on class projects and assignments. Each member of the team assumes a different role in the process, e.g., project leader. During the year, the roles will be rotated so students will have a chance to exercise different leadership skills in the team process.

The design teams established in this module will be relied on throughout the course for group activities, planning sessions, the development of assessment rubrics, and feedback on sketches and designs. Group members will be expected to offer constructive criticism to help improve the team's final product. It is an expectation that students will rely on their design team as the primary source of technical assistance.

Teams will meet regularly, often daily, taking responsibility for planning, preparation, work assignments, progress reports and occasional housekeeping activities.