Classroom Expectations - Student's

  Be prepared (homework, loose-leaf notebook, planner, etc.)
  Do your very best work
  Ask questions when confused
  Be honest
  Use positive language (please, excuse me, thank you, etc.)
  Respect other's property and address people by their names
  Keep our classroom clean and safe
  Abide by school's policies and guidelines as described in our planner (dress code, no gum, etc.)
  Keep your hands to yourself. Horseplay will not be tolerated.
  Follow the Golden Rule - Treat everyone as you want to be treated (with respect)
  Have your loose-leaf notebook ready for grading at all times
  Make arrangements with me to make up tests, quizzes (after school), and homework due to absences

DETENTIONS: You will be assigned detentions with 24-hour notice should you
  • Disrupt the class
  • Regularly come unprepared to class
  • Continue to chew gum after the first warning
  • Have 3 unexcused tardies