Applied Technology Program Characteristics

Career and Preparation Focused
Not focused on technology for its own sake, but on careers, career awareness, and the high school preparation required to pursue one's interests
For All Students
Appeals to the gifted student, the college-bound, and the workforce bound
Based on 21st Century Student Needs
Based on defined student needs, not on a commercial "turnkey solution"
The Best of Both Worlds
Integrates the best of traditional shop with new technical fields of interest
Many choices for exploration by students
Differentiated by Grade Level
Unique experiences for 6th graders and 7th-8th graders
75 % Hands-On
Hands on, brains on
High Quality Equipment
Durable, compelling, and open-ended equipment
A Challenge Structure
A structure that begins with basic projects, moves on to challenge projects and culminates in capstone projects
A New National Model
Consistent with best practice , NSF technology visioning, and the University of Colorado Integrated Technology Teaching and Learning Center