Classroom Procedures

  1. Beginning Class
    A. Roll call, absentees
    B. Tardy students
    C. Behavior during PA
    D. Academic warm-ups or getting ready routines
    E. Distributing materials

  2. Instructional Activities
    A. Teacher-student contacts
    B. Student movement in the room
    C. Signal for student attention
    D. Haadings for papers
    E. Student talk during seatwork
    F. Activities to do when work is done

  3. Ending Class
    A. Putting away supplies, equipment
    B. Organizing materials for next class
    C. Dismissing class

  4. Other procedures
    A. Student rules about teacher's desk
    B. Fire drills
    C. Bathroom, water fountains
    D. Lockers
    E. Tests & Quizzes