Angevine Middle School ----- 2003-2004
Gateway To Technology (GTT) & Math, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA)
Grade 7 & Grade 8

Work Phone:
(303) 665-5540 ext. & voice mail: 241

Course Overview:
This is normally a two-year program. Project Lead The Way (PLTW)'s GTT course will be complemented with MESA.

GTT is a Middle School curriculum designed to expose students to a broad overview of the field of technology and its related processes. Because engineers use mathematics, science, and technology to solve problems, the course has been designed to be hands-on, activity oriented, and
team based. It incorporates four units:

Unit 1 offers an introduction to the design process and the application of basic geometry via three-dimensional modeling on the computer. Unit 2 would reinforce the fundamentals of electricity when students apply basic principles to circuit design. Unit 3 would explore the mechanics of movement, energy systems, and communications. Unit 4 is the final unit, focusing on automation and robotics.

Each of these units is designed to give students a scientific background to the topic and provide them time for design and production. Rather than just an overview, the course provides students with opportunities for both horizontal and vertical movement as they progress in the course. Students will use Autodesk Inventor 5.3, a mechanical design software. Inventor is an assembly-centric solid modeling (3D) and drawing production (2D) system.

MESA will give students an opportunity to apply their skills at competitions. Students build mousetrap cars, gliders, bridges, and more to compete with area schools. Whether they bring home a trophy or not, students will learn skills needed for team projects, practice project management skills, and develop their self-confidence. This past April, in the M.E.S.A. Day at the Mall, 12 of our student were placed in the top 3 in 3 different events, and all received medals for their performance!

Timeline 1st Semester: August 21, 2003 - January 16, 2004 (GTT)
2nd Semester: January 20, 2004 - June 3, 2004 (MESA)

Required everyday!

Materials: Loose-leaf notebook, pen, pencil, & student planner

Demeanor: Positive attitude & understanding of classroom rules and procedures