Test Taking Strategies and Tips (in students’ words)

Grade 7 & 8 Study Hall Students
Grade 6 Success Path Students
1. Read the questions (several times) 1. Take your time
2. Eat breakfast 2. Don’t rush
3. Fill in all the spaces/blanks 3. Look at key words in sentences to understand questions or answer questions
4. Sleep & get enough rest at night 4. Review work done after finishing paper
5. Do not mark on margins 5. Go with your (first) instinct
6. Use common sense 6. Think about what you read to understand what you’re reading
7. Make educated guesses 7. Substitute the word whose meaning you filled in with and then reread
8. Use process of elimination in MCQs 8. Make sure you answer all questions
9. Review work done over the year 9. Read questions before reading passage
10. Answer easy questions first 10. Read directions/instructions carefully
11. If you don’t understand something, come back to it
12. Read and answer extended answer questions first
13. Substitute answers in math MCQs first
14. Reread passage to find meaning of words
What do you do if you can't follow directions?