Angevine Middle School ----- 2003-2004
Applied Technology Exploratory
Grade 6

Work Phone:
(303) 665-5540 ext. & voice mail: 241

Course Overview:
The 6th Grade Applied Tech Exploratory program leads to a two-year 7th/8th grade Project Lead The Way (PLTW)'s GTT and MESA program's at Angevine.

The Applied Technology Exploratory is a unique course designed for hands-on learning. Students may select from over 20 hands-on projects in exciting areas such as architecture, robotics, graphic arts, laser technology, satellite communications, engineering, CAD, inventions, micro-electronics, woodshop, or other fields of interest.

In the Applied Technology Exploratory, students work both as individuals and as members of a team. Students will demonstrate safe and proper use of materials, equipment, and tools, complete each self-selected project, and document their work. Students will learn to lead, follow instructions, cooperate with others, and work effectively to accomplish a concrete task.

GTT is a Middle School curriculum designed to expose students to a broad overview of the field of technology and its related processes. Because engineers use mathematics, science, and technology to solve problems, the course has been designed to be hands-on, activity oriented, and
team based. It incorporates four units:

MESA will give students an opportunity to apply their skills at competitions. Students build mousetrap cars, gliders, bridges, and more to compete with area schools. Whether they bring home a trophy or not, students will learn skills needed for team projects, practice project management skills, and develop their self-confidence. This past April, in the M.E.S.A. Day at the Mall, 12 of our student were placed in the top 3 in 3 different events, and all received medals for their performance!

Timeline 7-week rotations with other electives

Required everyday!

Materials: Loose-leaf notebook, pen, pencil, & student planner

Demeanor: Positive attitude & understanding of classroom rules and procedures