As a physics teacher, what are my thoughts on physics? According to several students, most teacher's tend to say that their own subject is very important. Well, I'll give you a brief outline about physics and why I consider it important in a moment. Before that, let me give you a few examples of physicists' contribution to our daily lives. Did you know it was a physicist, Tim Berners-Lee who founded the World Wide Web (W3) for sharing information globally?
Also, The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded the Nobel Prize in physics in 2000 to Zhores Alferov, and Herbert Kroemer and Jack Kilby, for their significant contributions that helped in the development of the Internet.
Have you ever wondered what your peers around the world are studying in physics? Are you thinking: why should 'I' study physics and science if I'm not going to pursue science at University? Quickly glance through the economic benefits to society due to research in physics and how it helps us in our every day lives by clicking on the American Institute of Physics's website Or simply continue reading my thoughts or just click on the hyperlink below to find out more.
What physics is - The first 100 Years
Physics is a fascinating subject, in which students study about matter, energy and their relationships.   It can be understood at two levels.  The simple level is that of a curious child who is in awe at the wonders it unfolds as demonstrated by some of the rides in an amusement park.  The other is that of the precise and inquiring physicist who delves deep into the fundamental laws of the universe. As the French mathematician, Poincaré observed:
“A scientist does not choose at random the facts he observes.
He seeks to condense much experience and much thought into a slender volume;
and that’s why a little book on physics contains so many past experiences
and a thousand times as much possible experience whose result is known beforehand.”
Learning physics, is similar to learning music.  Just as music can be written on two sets of parallel lines called staves, physicists believe that everything in the universe can be explained in terms of the basic conservation laws of physics.  There are a good number of students who have missed the joy of learning music just because they could not get around to reading and writing the notes in music.  A very similar situation exists in physics on account of the baggage of mathematics that the students carry in order to enjoy physics.
If you are wondering, what does a physicist do? or want to learn about their working conditions, or would like to know where the physics major can get you in your career and your earning potential, you can search the Occupational Outlook Handbook 2004-05 Edition published by the U.S. Department of Labor. After you type physicist in the Search window, click on the link physicists and astronomers to learn more.

In any case, what I propose to do with this link is upload the syllabus of the different examination boards across the five continent categories listed, as and when I get the permission to do so.  I would like to add the different examination board curriculums, those I have taught at some time, or even something I find useful.

Under the African link you would find the South African Matriculation Board.
Under the Australasian link you would find the High School Certificate and Bursary examination syllabus.
Under the Asian link you would find the CBSE, ICSE, ISC and the Tamil Nadu State Board links.
Under the European link you would find the A-Level, the IB and the IGCSE examination providers.
Under the American link you would find the SAT II Physics and AP syllabus.
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