Why this Web Site?

I currently reside in Lafayette, Colorado and dabble with the world wide web for furthering the teaching and learning of science, mathematics, engineering, and technology (STEM). Feel free to explore the individual links on this page.

I developed www.InNathansWorld.com while I lived in Dubai, the city of gold, as it is popularly known, in a place called Bur Dubai. A few hundred meters from my house there was a beautiful shopping mall called the Bur Juman Center. A building adjoining this Mall had always repulsed me, although I learned that it was bright and wonderful from inside, somewhat like a Volvo car I guess! If you are wondering what's all this got to do with my website or me, read on.

I was asking myself the question that most authors ask when they write a textbook, about why another textbook when one already has so many. The answer I believe is simply a different perspective one brings in. I can best summarize my ideas through the words of Persig in his book famous book "Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance".

On page 219 in his book we find these words:

'A things exists if a world without it can't function normally. If we can show that a world without Quality functions abnormally, then we have shown that Quality exists, whether it is defined or not'.

He goes thereupon to subtract Quality from a description of the world, as we had known it two decades ago. Interestingly two pages later he paraphrases his reflections appropriately with the word "Squareness" and goes on to say that when you subtract quality you get "squareness".

This is what I was referring to above with the building in my neighborhood or the car. When we look at it, you know something about it is different. Personally, I would tend to agree with Persig's view that 'Absence of Quality is the essence of squareness'.

Technological developments are making new demands on the individuals and these are increasingly becoming essential requirements for employability. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as it is popularly know is now a core subject along with English and Mathematics in schools. The immediate access to a wealth of information available on the World Wide Web to one and all 24/7 is fascinating to say the least. With the times changing towards an increasingly e-world, I would be compelled to believe that without the Web today, the world would certainly function abnormally.

To give you another example, I had finished my masters in physics without access to the Internet. However I can still recall the months I had spent on literature review physically scrolling through the Index and Abstract of volumes of Journals. Recently however, when I had to repeat this literature review for my masters in educational management, I could browse through over 100,000 Abstracts in one day, over a wide range of topics through AskERIC, a free web-based version of the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC)!

The down side of this is the amount of unwanted and useless information that is uploaded on the Internet and junk mail through our personal e-mails. Moreover, the sites may at best be interactive but if a person spends all his or her time browsing, they would be missing out on the critical interpersonal skills that are a vital requirement in the modern world. Some of my students have said that having access to information alone was not enough, and you needed someone to speak to.

I have taken the above point on board and trust that this website would facilitate the convergence of interests of the various stakeholders in education, namely teachers, students, parents and other professionals in the community to find answers to some questions and share ideas on Science & Technology, Careers, Study Skills to promote student success, or other interesting links on the web. Meanwhile your comments, constructive criticism and suggestions to improve the Quality of this website would be much appreciated and acknowledged individually. Again, Welcome to Nathan's World.