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Hello there. Thanks for visiting my learning communities "KART." Even as I slowly construct this website, let me clarify the meaning of a few terms used here.

The human heart (to the left) that I use here (metaphorically) for navigating these pages, symbolizes the dynamic interactions needed between various stakeholders (community, parents, professionals, and students) to further our goals in education.

Learning communities refers to groups, whose members share a conviction that our collective knowledge of the world is enriched only when both individuals and the different members within the group share their expertise.

The resources I develop(ed) for instruction and coaching will be (are) catalogued according to year/course and semester.

In his book The Aims of Education, Whitehead (1929), observed that in order to produce well-rounded learners, we should seek to produce men and women who possess both culture and expert knowledge in some special direction. I trust these pages will help me and people who contribute to it, share, advance, and develop our individual passions for K-16 teaching and learning.

I created the acronym "KART" (expanded above), to reflect my personal beliefs about learning. Our current knowledge-based economy requires individuals who can effectively and efficiently disseminate, access, and analyze information. The "KART", like a go-cart, might empower such individuals and communities to cope with challenges in our new economy.

In these pages, I articulate my research interests in high-performance work teams (also called self-directed work teams), career development, concept-based physics education, and structured-scenario online games.

The products link, will list various papers, presentations, projects, and proposals that I developed (and continue to develop).

Please feel free to contribute to this website in ways you deem fit (as experts, novices, or simply curious onlookers). Small is beautiful. Your individual contribution(s) will add to the collective wisdom and enhance our cumulative power of learning.

You could contact me (by phone or e-mail) and also access my first website InNathansWorld.com Please bear with me because I have not found the time to activate all the links in this "KART" (like most of you I'm juggling time, but will definitely have them working ASAP).